When do you Call 2 Repair Your System

knowing when to call to repair your system sometimes is difficult . People like eli the computer guy and Moses Ssebunya have set some measures and some solutions but it’s usually not enough or all that it takes. Often times they are so technical that require an expert technician. Sometimes we try and google and in most cases even google’s answers are not sufficient.

Computers have evolved from being workplace tools to being full time assistants just because of the diversities manufacturers have designed tirelessly showcasing the latest trends in innovation and the most seamless consumer experience all attached with whooping price tags. Smartphones, laptops, desktop towers not forgetting previous personal digital assistants latter Tablet computers have all witnessed changes across historical time.

The ease in usability and versatility of such masterpieces has narrowed the breach between the ambitious user and the machine. We take a keen example of a newly purchased notebook computer that delivers as predicted by the overkill statistics and specifications laid bare by the equipment’s manufacturer through the eye- catching ads all over consumer platforms and electronics’ showrooms.

For such a fresh machine, data crunching may take barely split seconds for a user to obtain satisfying  information even with robust applications say video gaming.  However, the speed in processing and workflow of the machine may start chocking with time even with obviously simpler tasks obviously leading to frustration at the user end.

Some computers appear as though beyond repair

Fortunately, some machines may take more farseeing response times and still deliver as expected while others on the contrary, may just break down even after the accepted time lag. The previous may be attributed to a variety of reasons some facts and others held myths.

The latter on the other hand calls for far technical reasoning and in most cases will always draw a naive rather frustrated computer user to the conclusion visiting a technician or the nearest computer repair shop.

Upon and not limited to the circumstances discussed below may a user consider a pc repair or technical checkup.

Overall slowness

While this may be attributed to the load of tasks the CPU is handling at a particular instance, a hardware issue may also be a chief contributor to this scenario. A CPU downclock or imminent hard disk failure may need technical intervention.

It would come in handy if a user has been keen to observe the time it takes the computer to perform the same specific task over the computer’s lifetime. know when to call to repair your system when you see this

Random shut downs

Most equipment will shut down when they overheat. Assuming you have taken proper precautions to ensure ventilation of your precious machines, random shutdowns generally infer hardware failure. Something in the equipment is not able to function properly and it queues the system to turn off as a kill-safe mechanism minimizing data loss and further damage.

Such a scenario readily demands immediate attention by technical personnel. know when to call to repair your system when you see this

Blue screen of death

The sign of a blue screen isn’t goof at all. This indicates bad hardware or a failing hard drive. A backup of all precious information is usually recommended before the hardware does give out.

It may not be a good option for a user to bear patience till the hardware gives out. This should prompt one to seek expert advice and repair if necessary. know when to call to repair your system when you see this

PC bootup but no display on the monitor

One may need to look up into the computer’s BIOS or memory modules. This of course indicates a visit to the IT team for repair of replacement of broken parts. know when to call to repair your system when you see this

Malfunctioning input devices (Keyboards, mice, touchpads)

This may not be a call for alarm for the desktop PC users as these parts can be readily replaced or troubleshooting run accordingly. However, this isn’t the case with fellow laptop users as the sophistication in design doesn’t readily allow hot swaps of embedded input devices.

Faulty keys on a laptop keyboard and unresponsive or randomly acting touchpads can arouse the urge for technician to check and repair accordingly. know when to call to repair your system when you see this

File not found and file corruption errors

file not found
a message box showing the file not found error

A dialog box bearing such an error may easily be disregarded but a total data loss may not be that ignorable. Such errors indicate an imminent hard disk failure so one should take serious caution and call in an ICT team or visit a repair shop. know when to call to repair your system when you see this

The reasons to make a call to a repair shop or IT experts may not be comprehensively shortlisted in this article. In that case positive results are not yielded after troubleshooting unusual computer behavior, one should not hesitate turning up for a PC checkup or repair or even checking out cursortechug.com

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