The Airtel Money MasterCard an easier gateway for online Transactions

The Airtel Money MasterCard an easier gateway for online Transactions

I have always suffered with making online payments as my card details can be obtained by hackers and put me at risk. I was also always afraid of losing the card and losing money due to the hectic process of re-verifying ownership. Thankfully in a conversation with a friend, I learned of an easier way to make payments about anything that I want without any fears of making losses.

The MTN MOMO Card. This eased things but to some of us with just 1 sim card were left in the hanging. Shortly after MTN released the MTN MOMO Card. Airtel Users had been left hanging as the MTN guys were left bragging of the MTN Card. At this Juncture the Savior came in.

The Airtel Money MasterCard. The Airtel Money MasterCard is a digital MasterCard. You can process payments to and from your Mobile money Account. The Process of Card creation is as simple as 1-2-3 since it only takes three simple steps and the Card is as cheap as 0/= per Airtel Money MasterCard. The card is easy to Destroy at will. This ensures safety for your money. The Airtel Master Card lasts a year unlike the MOMO CARD that can only last a month at 1000/=

“The MasterCard virtual (non-plastic) card allows Airtel Money customers, even those without a bank account, to make payments to local and global online merchants that accept MasterCard cards, while ensuring that the customer’s financial data is always secure and private. In addition, Airtel Money customers will also be able to make in-person payments at outlets via Quick Response (QR) codes (whereby payments are made from an Airtel mobile phone by scanning the QR code displayed at checkout or by entering a merchant identifier, at any location worldwide that MasterCard QR is accepted). To date, there are over 1 million merchant locations across Africa that accept MasterCard QR payments.

Airtel Money customers will also benefit from competitive pricing and preferential exchange rates for international payments, and gain access to other domestically relevant use cases including bill payments, merchants payments and value added services such as cash management solutions.” MasterCard posted on their wall in article

To Create the Airtel Money MasterCard, Get your phone Dial *185*7*9# using your Airtel Sim Card and in the open prompt select;-

  1. Get a Card
  2. My Card Details
  3. Delete Cards

All payments are deducted from and also sent to your Airtel Money Account. The Airtel MasterCard is Valid for a Year. Also note that the Card can only make payments less than three Million Uganda Shilling or the equivalent in other Currencies. Every transaction performed using the Airtel Money MasterCard is charged 3% of the transaction Amount.

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