All in 1 wp Migration – Migration made easy

With All in one wp Migration plugin, Migration has been made easy. Ever designed a website offline because of several reasons some of which are Data instability, poor network, environment, love for adventure among others. It is actually very cool and I recommend it a lot to pros and beginner developers.

Therefore designing offline is great an Idea but your site is not going to remain offline forever. I designed Cursor Technologies offline but it couldn’t stay offline either There is that part where you have to host the site so that people can actually see your site and navigate it. This is called Web-Hosting. This is the process by which you “move” your site from localhost to an online web host.

Several hosts exist out there and they all promise several privileges. I have tested some not many and have stuck to Ezone web services, they have several packages for different kinds and sizes of business. Most importantly since some clients ask me if they can have a preview of the website before they can pay up. Ezone has a Jaribu Plan where they host you free for a limited time enough for you and your client to see their site.

During this time is a great opportunity to test their cPanel and benefits, see if they are working and so on. After getting the Host then the actual work of Hosting begins. It is not as easy as it sounds but keeps getting easier as you go on as you design more sites offline and host them.

FTP Alternatives

Web hosting has been a challenge for several developers using several content management Systems and different languages. With pain and humility I’d love to inform you how I have really tried a great lot of several FTP clients including Filezilla, Cyber Duck, Smart FTP, among others. These can also do the Job but they are so scary to use. You have to upload file by file (through the ftp but very slowly) and it also takes a lot of data. If you want to migrate from one domain to another, see the post here on how you can do it swiftly and painlessly

As I used these, there was a challenge of proper database integration. Sometimes the database format is rejected, sometimes it fails to change domain name among others. In the midst of all this I was told of several plugins (names withheld) that I tried. They promised a lot. Some needed some technical knowledge, others like Migrate Guru were not working with localhost and with others I need the pro–Versions – a measure I could not take as a beginner since I really didn’t trust them.

All in one wp Migration – Migration made easy

Amidst all this chaos, voilà a savior. All in One WP Migration from servMask.

This was a great turn around. It gave me a lot of hope but it also had some challenges that had been dealt with. I am not going to list them but I’ll go straight to the solution. Let’s see how we can use All in One WP Migrate to upload our WordPress site from Localhost to my paid domain.

All in One WP Migration helps you transfer your site easily all you have to do is, install the plugin, enter your hosting details and click migrate. Let’s get the hands on feel in just a few steps. It’s as easy as A,B,C!!!

All in 1 wp Migration - Migration made easy
All in 1 wp Migration – Migration made easy

Step A – Install All-in-one wp migration on Local Host

To add all in one wp migration WordPress Plugin.

  1. Go to Plugins
  2. Click on Add New.
1 1
  • Type in the name of the WordPress Plugin, all in one wp migration
  • Click on the Install button when you find all in one wp migration.
2 1
  • The resulting installation screen will list the installation as successful or note any problems during the installation.

If successful, click Activate Plugin.

3 1
  • Find the menu for “All-in-One WP Migration” (under “Tool” in the left sidebar) and select “Export”. The menu opens when you hover over the menu title. Clicking on the menu also opens on the export option
  • In the Export window, Click on the Add button. This brings options to fill in.
  • In the find section fill in “Localhost/foldername” and in the replace section fill in the domain where you want to move your site
5 1
5 2
  • Here after click Export to and in the drop down menu that appears select file so that it can create a downloadable file onto your computer which can then be moved to the other site in several ways
5 3
  • After the click, a dialogue box will open and start the process and this doesn’t even last long. In a short while, the export is done and awaiting importation. Upon completion click on the download localhost option and here it will start downloading in your browser or it will prompt you on where to save the file.
  1. Upon clicking and selecting file. A file upload window will open prompting you to select the filename that was saved. It is usually saved in your downloads folder.

Step B – Install All-in-one wp migration on Domain

  1. Now after doing all the configurations in step 1. Close and head over to your domain WordPress installation.
  • Repeat steps 1 – 4 from step A on your domain. Sometimes your site may seem to be small and it may say it’s a few Mbs say 30 or 20 or 100 and so on. All in one migration tool has a limit for file size. Sometimes you will upload the file and reach 100 and the upload or import remains there for a long time. See photo below

All you have to do at this step is stop and re-do all over. This would cost you not only time but Data and Money too. Several people don’t seem to know the fix but here is the secret. All in one migration tool has an extension that helps with that. Because of this tool you don’t need to first hit rock bottom before you install it. Since it is only 20kb I always install it together with the main plugin. The extension can be got from the official site here or from the Mirror here.

The extension can be installed as follows.

To add all in one wp migration extension WordPress Plugin.

  1. Go to Plugins
  2. Click on Add New.
1 1
  • Click on the upload plugin
  • A dialogue with a choose file option opens. Click on choose file and a dialogue box asking you to locate your plugin will open
  • Navigate to where you saved your download and select it. It must be a Zip type of archive
  • Open it and when it finishes installation. Activate it and your good to go. No configuration is needed just head back to where we had stopped so that we go on with site importation
up 4

Final step – Site importation

  1. Find the menu for “All-in-One WP Migration” (under “Tool” in the left sidebar) and select “Import”. The menu opens when you hover over the menu title. Here click on import
  • After clicking an import option opens and prompts you on where to select where to import from. Here you can use one of the two methods. Either drag the exported site here or click on the import from button and select file. Pic 1 show’s before installing the extension and Pic 2 shows after installation
8 1
9 1
  • A dialogue box open so you can navigate and choose where you saved your file. Also notice that it’s extension is .wpress and this is very important to note. It also includes the old servers name and some parameters. Upon clicking and selecting file. A file upload window will open prompting you to select the filename that was saved. It is usually saved in your downloads folder.
  • A prompt will open warning you that all your site’s data will be replaced. Click on proceed if that is what you really want
  • Import process will go on smoothly and it also doesn’t take long depending on nature and size of the site plus the speed of your internet connection
13 2
  • A message box will open once the site has been imported. Now head to your site and check out  if everything is in place and check for any broken links but all will be ok. I have used it for several sites and I have never been disappointed

For more of these Articles please check out the blog section of Cursor Technologies. Don’t hesitate where you get stuck or to leave a comment. Thank you and GOD bless you.

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